Health Seminar – Dr. Zhai Sept 6, 2014


Presented by : Dr. Gary Zhai



Wanna learn how to enjoy longer and wealthier life by being healthier?

Dr. Gary Zhai is an engaging and charismatic speaker, a favorite of all who have attended any of his health seminars. Many have noted that attending one of Dr. Gary Zhai’s seminars feels like being at medical school
for 1 year!

Sat Sep 6, 2014
10 am ~ 5 pm
BCIT – 3700 Willingdon Ave
Bldg SW3, Room 1750

Admission : $30

Limited seatings – tickets available online at :

With 20 years of global experience in the biomedical science, graduating with a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, researching at University of Victoria and McGill University School of Medicine, Dr. Zhai also lectured and was the Research Director at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Zhai made it a personal goal to pursue therapeutic cures for cancer, stroke and aging with his accomplishments being recognized by prestigious international scholarships, fellowships and research grants. Dr. Zhai specializes in nanotechnology and therapeutic development regarding disease areas of stroke, human aging and cancer. He started up biopharmaceutical companies both in California and in Beijing, China to continue this endeavor.


Dr. Zhai enjoys helping others by imparting his knowledge and expertise and is very much inspired by his own mother’s recovery from paralysis, caused by brain stroke twice, through the use of non-medical and non-pharmaceutical products. He is renowned for his inspiring, engaging and effective teaching style. He strongly desires to help advance the common interest in preventing diseases, preserving and maintaining our precious health through innovative and effective nutritional medicine approaches not commonly found in the mainstreams.


PDF Posters :


Proposed Health Seminar and Product Training Contents – 产品讲座建议内容-2014-09-06 and 07


You can also contact :

Tony & Annette Chia

Spring Wang Xiao Yu


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