UBP (English) – 2015-01-27

A New Year is upon us and we continue the momentum of bringing our business forward with our exciting format for January UnFranchise Business Presentation and at a New Venue :

Date : Tuesday January 27, 2015
Time : 7:30 p.m. ~ 9:00 p.m.
Venue : Accent Inns Burnaby (near Gilmore Skytrain station)
3777 Henning Drive, Burnaby, BC

During this holiday season, start to share and invite family and friends. Come and bring your guests for this business building event! Leverage on successful entrepreneurs in delivering the business plan in a professional environment. We will have ‘Call For Action’ at the end of the presentation and allocate time for the ‘Meeting after Meeting’ session to interact  with your guests to increase the effectiveness of these events.

And don’t forget your smartphones with Instagram installed (free WiFi at Accent Inn Burnaby event venue). You are going to have lots of fun being part of the event and sharing your exciting, trendy business building moments 🙂




Get Your Tickets
JR, our CEO and President says: “You can’t sell tickets that you do not have!”
That’s right! Now, you can either get your UBP tickets from your leaders or

Online ticket site :  http://goo.gl/4VUzBx  ( print the tickets yourself or show with your smartphone )

Please mark your calendar
and set this as an important date to leverage your business.

Update your New Business Partners in the Mailing List
Write to us @ vannmtss@gmail.com with the names and email addresses so we can include them in this UBP mailing list, which covers Vancouver events for Market America ranging from UBP, Local Seminars, Product Training and other business building events.

We look forward to seeing you! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at vannmtss@gmail.com. You can also visit https://vancouvernmtss.wordpress.com to get in touch with other members of our vibrant UBP Team Vancouver! We are all very enthused to help others attain a better future in the Greater Vancouver area with our business platform.

Be part of the change.



We have audience participation with live streaming of their Instagram social media with hastag of the event : #vanshopcom

Following pics capture some moments of the dynamic evening presentation :

Section of the audience

Section of the audience

Another view of the audience

Another view of the audience

View from the Audience

View from the Audience

Our beautiful and eloquent Host,  Lily Zou

Our beautiful and eloquent Host, Lily Zou

An attentive audience during the presentation

An attentive audience during the presentation

Be with you At The Top!


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