UnFranchise Presentation – March 31, 2015


The world has changed! What used to hold true about employment, financial security and health care no longer apply. And the change keep coming at breakneck pace. However, to bemoan the loss of control is not the solution to these issues.

The only way to meet this challenge is to change and equip ourselves better.

We are a progressive team of entrepreneurs with the platform to change the game and the paradigm – and helping people in our community and over the world create financial success by building their own economy! Indeed, with the precarious 2015 economic forecast for Canada, be pro-active – there’s never been a better time than to check us out !

Why would you work hard just to help build success for someone else instead of your own?! Take control of your life and start working for YOUR future by building an UnFranchise Business of your own!

This business presentation explains the WHY, HOW and WHAT about the global online e-commerce business platform of Market America | SHOP.COM.

Have you heard of the concept of SHOPPING ANNUITY? Converting Spending Into Earning? These exciting concepts form part of our business model and the good news is that they are so do-able by any person in establishing your business with our platform.


Date : Tuesday March 31, 2015

Time : 7:30 p.m. ~ 9:00 p.m.
Venue : Accent Inns Burnaby (near Gilmore Skytrain station)
3777 Henning Drive, Burnaby, BC

Tickets :
(a)  obtain from existing Vancouver UnFranchise Owners and Leaders
(b)  online tickets from Eventbrite ticketing site :  goo.gl/bTbvrY

The presentation will be segmented into 3 segments :

  • Market America | SHOP.COM Overview
  • Market America | SHOP.COM Product Brokerage and Internet Marketing Platform
  • Market America | SHOP.COM 5 Steps to Build an UnFranchise Business, the Business Compensation Plan and the SHOPPING ANNUITY Business Model

This is an indispensable event to attend for individuals :

  • checking out online business opportunity
  • looking for time and financial freedom
  • looking for a Plan B on a part-time basis besides working for others
  • looking to help others achieve time and financial freedom

This presentation showcases our platform to help entrepreneurs start a global eCommerce business :

  • WITHOUT having to worry about what to sell
  • WITHOUT hiring and dealing with any employee
  • WITHOUT keeping any inventory or stock
  • WITHOUT bothering with the logistical baggage of warehousing and delivery
  • WITHOUT any experience of running an eCommerce business


Start to share and invite family and friends. Come and bring your guests for this business building event! Leverage on successful entrepreneurs in delivering the business plan in a professional environment.

We will have ‘Call For Action‘ at the end of the presentation and allocate time for the ‘Meeting after Meeting’ session to interact  with your guests to increase the effectiveness of these events.

And don’t forget your smartphones with Instagram installed (free WiFi at Accent Inns Burnaby event venue). You are going to have lots of fun being part of the event and sharing your exciting, trendy business building moments LIVE on Internet 🙂




What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Skytrain – Gilmore Station  ( Millennium Line )

Translink Bus :

Location Routes
1 Gilmore Avenue 129
2 Henning Drive 28

Parking : Free parking at hotel parking lot. For better location of lot, please, please arrive early (preferably before 7:10 pm).


Get Your Tickets
JR, our CEO and President says: “You can’t sell tickets that you do not have!”
That’s right! Now, you can either get your UBP tickets from your leaders or

Online ticket site :  http://goo.gl/4VUzBx  ( print the tickets yourself or show with your smartphone )

Please mark your calendar
and set this as an important date to leverage your business.



Following pics capture some moments of the dynamic evening presentation :

Section of the audience

Section of the audience

Another view of the audience

Another view of the audience

View from the Audience

View from the Audience

Our beautiful and eloquent Host,  Lily Zou

Our beautiful and eloquent Host, Lily Zou

An attentive audience during the presentation

An attentive audience during the presentation

Be with you At The Top!


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