with ALEX KWONG, Field Consultant for Western Canada, Market America

Thursday  September 10, 2015
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Accent Inns Burnaby
3777 Henning Drive, Burnaby, BC

Tickets : $5

Where To Get Tickets :

Online :  http://bit.ly/ShopConfYVR2015

Tony & Annette Chia : achiayvr@gmail.com  | 604.760.2004

Hilke Krug : hilke@hilkekrug.com
Lily Zou  :    lanpingz8@gmail.com
Loma Umita :  u.mas@live.com
Juliana Chen  :  juliana_1288@yahoo.ca

Your Business Team Leaders

Come, Learn from THE BEST and Grow Your Business!



Alex, a professional engineer with over 20 years experience running traditional businesses, is also a DIRECTOR with SHOP.COM, earning income of USD $18,000 – USD $24,999 every 4 week pay cycle. Together Alex and Corrie have a wealth of experience to show us how to build the business by leveraging the NMTSS system.

They are qualified Senior Certified Trainer for TLS and awarded TLS Trainer of the Year 2014!

Achieving 6-times Motives Challenge WinneTand 6-times TLS Challenge Winner, Multiple GOLD UFO, Alex and Corrie have a wealth of experience to show us how to build the business!

The presentation will be segmented into 3 segments :

  • SHOP.COM Overview
  • SHOP.COM Product Brokerage and Internet Marketing Platform
  • SHOP.COM 5 Steps to Build an UnFranchise Business, the Business Compensation Plan and the SHOPPING ANNUITY Business Model

This is an indispensable event to attend for individuals :

  • checking out online business opportunity
  • looking for time and financial freedom yourself
  • looking for a Plan B on a part-time basis besides working for others
  • looking to help others achieve time and financial freedom

Find out how you can start a global eCommerce business to work for you;;;

  • WITHOUT having to worry about what to sell
  • WITHOUT hiring and dealing with any employee
  • WITHOUT keeping any inventory or stock
  • WITHOUT bothering with the logistical baggage of warehousing and delivery
  • WITHOUT any experience of running an eCommerce business

You will be glad you did!

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