Team Vancouver Biz Events with Alex Kwong, Field Consultant for Western Canada

With Market America|SHOP.COM Canada growing by 181% in 2015, Cristina Salvador, Canada Country Manager, Market America recognizes that this is the right time to ride on this growth momentum by engaging more resources towards this expansion trend for Western Canada.

A HUGE thanks and appreciation to our recently appointed Alex Kwong, Field Consultant for Western Canada together with his equally capable and dynamic wife, Corrie for investing valuable time right here with Team Vancouver September 10 – 12, 2015.  Team Vancouver has been encouraged, receiving great value from the very first Westcoast visit by Alex. Both of them are very successful Master UFOs (Unfranchise Owners), multiple Challenge winners, Trainers, Coaches, etc, etc at Director at the Field Management Level and very willing to share their experiences and expertise in many practical ways. This dynamic couple are great quality, personable, sacrificial people, who really CARE and truly understand this people business. It means a lot to the westcoast mindset that they understand the changing demography here, with new immigrants, now predominantly from Mainland China, Mandarin speaking with existing immigrants Cantonese speakers & of course the English speaking population. The Espanol population of 250,000 here in the Greater Vancouver area is also growing. 🙂

All throughout the visit, both Alex and Corrie worked tirelessly, strategically: meeting the various Leadership teams, June & Joseph, Field Vice President, other Field Leaders, UFOs, conducting the ‘#ShopConfYVR’ event together with us, large group Coring and had many many sessions reaching out to leaders among UFOs & their teams to understand collectively where we are, what we aspire and are prepared to move the business forward as MA | SHOP.COM UFOs. The results are phenomenal – we had a fantastic 110 turn-out at the #ShopConfYVR event, maximum attendance in the community centre room for Coring event and full turnout at the various ‘meet Vancouver UFOs events’ by very enthusiastic and coach-able UFOs wanting to learn how to forward the business to higher pin level with the SHOP.COM platform, especially with ShoppingAnnuity and TLS. We will like to thank Dennis Franks for extending the VIP tickets to the Canadian Regional Conference (April 1 – 3, 2016) to our UFOs in Vancouver. Over 40 of the CRC tickets were snapped up by Vancouver UFOs Leaders!

Corrie’s sharing of her experience in the business was a hit with our UFOs as well. With her business acumen & expertise as well as her gift of languages (English, Mandarin and Cantonese), Vancouver UFOs are much inspired to learn more about TLS Trainings and various NMTSS Courses in Mandarin.

It has been a very productive, well-received visit from this diligent, energetic and very capable power-couple, Alex and Corrie!! They are very personable, humble, connecting very well with UFOs at all levels. Their experience in presentation and training, captivated the audience with their knowledge of the subject matters, connecting the hearts of the attendees. They have been working beyond their call-of-duty to make sure that Vancouver UFOs gain maximum value from the visit. From the bottom of our hearts, on behalf of Team Vancouver we will like to say to Alex & Corrie: Thank You and we appreciate you for coming to help us grow the business with Market America |SHOP.COM‘.  THANK YOU, Xie-xie, Mucho Gracias!!  Team Vancouver look forward to your upcoming visits ( the next scheduled visit in November 2015) and will continue to dialogue on our VisionCast 2016 for Team Vancouver !!

Cristina Salvador, THANK YOU, for being instrumental to bring on board Alex as Field Consultant for Western Canada. As always, appreciate your leadership to lead Canada to the next level. The only way is UP !!

Below are some photos taken during Alex and Corrie’s Inaugural Visit with the various Team Vancouver biz events. Enjoy and share!


Alex Kwong and Corrie Huang, Alex is the Field Consultant For Western Canada, Market America Alex is a professional engineer with acute entrepreneurial acumen, has over 20 years experience running multiple successful traditional businesses. They hold the Market America business management level of DIRECTOR, earning residual income of USD $18,000 – USD $24,999 every 4 week pay cycle. They diligently implemented and utilized the NMTSS system, qualifying as Senior Certified Trainer for TLS and even TLS Trainer of the Year 2014! With an impressive track record as 6-times Motives Challenge Winner and 6-times TLS Challenge Winner, Multiple GOLD UFO, they certainly have a wealth of experience to show us how to build the business!

Alex and Corrie work tirelessly to meet the various Team Vancouver business leaders in their effort to understand the Westcoast culture and developing strategies to move Vancouver SHOP.COM business to the next level.

20150910_140019 20150910_140727 20150910_150349 20150910_151022  20150910_160605


From left to right Annette & Tony (UBP Coordinator -EN, Vancouver) Alex & Corrie (Field Consultant for Western Canada, Market America)

First ever #ShopConfYVR in Vancouver is a HIT!  A lot of fun too.  🙂  Team Vancouver – Let’s Rock it !!

20150910_190445  20150910_193650 20150910_193812 20150910_200222 20150910_200238 20150910_200256 IMG_20150910_20013220150910_200538 20150910_20081820150910_211117


MC and Speakers at #ShopConfYVR Left to Right: Lily Zou (MC), Annette, Tony, Corrie, Alex

More ‘Meet-the-UFO Teams’ sessions for Day 1, 2 and 3, including GenY Team led by Moses Tang.

20150911_102209 20150911_110519 20150911_111601 20150911_120409 20150911_191528 20150912_090851 20150912_101004 20150912_111040

Large Group Coring hosted by June Liu, Field Vice President, Market America|


Corrie addressing the Chinese UFO leaders leveraging TLS to build the biz.

20150912_141159 20150912_141248


Alex sharing his business expertise & Shopping Annuity as a household commitment with Chinese UFO Leaders at Bonsor Community Center



June Liu, Field Vice President, Market America addressing the Chinese UFO Leaders at the Chinese Coring session

20150912_160145(0) 20150912_160940


Beautiful and biz savvy Lily Zou with VIP tickets in her hands – ready to move to the next level in the business!

Team Vancouver Business Leaders with VIP tickets to Canada Regional Conference 2016

Team Vancouver GoNow Business Leaders with VIP tickets to Canada Regional Conference April 2016.  NMTSS (National Meeting Training Seminar System) planning dinner meeting. VisionCast 2016.


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