UnFranchise Business Presentation with Amber Yang

UnFranchise Business Presentation

January 11, 2015
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Holiday Inn Express Metrotown
4405 Central Blvd, Burnaby

$5   Online: http://bit.ly/UBPJan2016

Tony & Annette Chia : achiayvr@gmail.com  | 604.760.2004

Hilke Krug : hilke@hilkekrug.com
Lily Zou  :    lanpingz8@gmail.com
Loma Umita :  u.mas@live.com
Juliana Chen  :  juliana_1288@yahoo.ca

* Your Business Team Leaders

Speakers for this event  :



The presentation will be segmented into 3 segments :

  • SHOP.COM Overview
  • SHOP.COM Product Brokerage and Internet Marketing Platform
  • SHOP.COM 5 Steps to Build an UnFranchise Business, the Business Compensation Plan and the SHOPPING ANNUITY Business Model

This is an indispensable event to attend for individuals :

  • checking out online business opportunity
  • looking for time and financial freedom yourself
  • looking for a Plan B on a part-time basis besides working for others
  • looking to help others achieve time and financial freedom

Find out how you can start a global eCommerce business to work for you;;;

  • WITHOUT having to worry about what to sell
  • WITHOUT hiring and dealing with any employee
  • WITHOUT keeping any inventory or stock
  • WITHOUT bothering with the logistical baggage of warehousing and delivery
  • WITHOUT any experience of running an eCommerce business

You will be glad you did!

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