TLS Day1 and Day2 with Amber Yang & Corrie Huang in Vancouver

It was a befitting start for Vancouver UnFranchise Owners with Market America|SHOP.COM.

With the help of Alex Kwong, Field Consultant for Western Canada, we were able to invite . Executive Field Vice President – Amber Yang and Director – Corrie Huang to be with us for a program packed Day1 and Day2 TLS (Transition Life Style) training right here in Vancouver on Jan 9 and Jan 10, 2016.

We had the BCIT Telus Theatre for 2 full days and our Chinese Speaking UnFranchise Owners were treated to first class training conducted by the Best in the business.

This training will bring much boost to understanding the TLS business and give confidence to our business owner using the TLS platform to advance their respective UnFranchise Business. Many who came for the training now qualifies as TLS Coach, ready to help others implement customized weight management program tailored to each person’s need.


Amber Yang giving business tips to UnFranchise Owners at the TLS Training event in Vancouver.


Corrie Huang is another very experienced TLS trainer in the business


Attendees came prepared with their TLS Journals and training materials


Amber having the full attention of the audience at the BCIT Telus Theatre


Amber Yang, Executive Field Vice President with Market America|SHOP.COM


Corrie Huang, Director with Market America|SHOP.COM


An excellent training program to qualify as TLS Coach to kick off 2016!


Coordinating Team with Amber, Corrie and Alex



You are welcome to enquire about the Market America|SHOP.COM online business – a business build with the ordinary people in mind, creating a lasting asset beyond what the regular working economy will ever provide.








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