UnFranchise Business Presentations with Amber Yang

One of the hallmark of Market America|SHOP.COM is that it is in the millionaire making business. There are over 400 business owners receiving over a million dollars (USD) with  the company. Among the most well-known is Amber Yang, who hails from New York, Flushing.

Amy leads a huge team in New York and over the world. Now that she is in Vancouver, of course we invited her to grace our Business Presentation with her presence – which she accepts amidst her very busy schedule – much to our relief and excitement.

On Friday Jan 8, 2016, we had the Fraser Room in Holiday Inn Express booked for the evening UnFranchise Business Presentation in Mandarin. A packed crowd turned out for the event. Business Owners brought their guests to be treated to a masterful presentation delivered by Amber.

After 2 full day training at the BCIT Telus Theatre conducted by Amber Yang and Corrie Huang, Amber delivered another UnFranchise Business Presentation in English at the Holiday Inn Express. Her business acumen shone as she also shared her testimony of her entrepreneurship journey with Market America|SHOP.COM. The Success Recognition segment at the end of the presentation was beautifully handled with successful local Unfranchise Business Owners coming forth to share the mic with Amy, share with audience their bits on their business journey as well.

Another class act from Amber Yang!


A packed house at the Chinese UBP Event on Jan 8, 2016


Amber sharing the Business with the audience at the English UBP event on Jan 11, 2016


Successful local business owners sharing the mic with Amber, telling their story


There’s so much enthusiasm in the room as the local business owners warm the room with their sharing


June Liu, Executive Vice President also address the crowd, sharing her amazing journey


#TeamVancouver dedicated to making 2016 great for all Vancouver lower mainland UnFranchise Owners with Alex and Corrie coming alongside and lending their expertise.



What a Great Start for 2016!

We have big plans ahead for business owners in the Vancouver Lower Mainland and with teamwork, #TeamVancouver is going to scale new heights in the Market America|SHOP.COM.

You are welcome to check us out and consider this business platform as your plan to personal and financial success. We are dream builders and anyone who has dreams are eligible to build with us all.









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