Our Vancouver NMTSS weekend events feature on CEO’s blog and UnFranchise News!

It sure was a hectic weekend!

Nevertheless, the results are worth it. Over the weekend, attendance stood at over 600 for the events combined. It shows the eagerness of Vancouver UnFranchise owners in the Market America|SHOP.COM business to learn more to improve their business skills and better serve their customer base.

We were surprised when CEO JR Ridinger posted our email conversation with Alex Kwong, Field Consultant for Western Canada, Market America to thank Amber Yang, Corrie Huang and himself for the effort they put in to make these events possible of our Vancouver UnFranchise Owners.







The UBP and TLS Day 1 and Day 2 NMTSS Events were also featured in Market America|SHOP.COM Canada UnFranchise News 3.16


This is a business build for the ordinary person to be successful.

Interested in finding out more about what our business is about? Feel free to contact us! We are here to help 🙂

Tony & Annette Chia
UBP Coordinator, Vancouver (English)





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